200 English Parliamentarians support the “Free Iran” rally
200 English Parliamentarians support the “Free Iran” rally

By Staff Writer

The Iranian supporters of the People’s Mujahedin of Iran (PMOI/MEK) and the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI), from various cities of Scotland (e.g., Glasgow and Edinburgh) and England (e.g.,

northern Newcastle, Manchester, Birmingham, London, and southern cities), are undertaking extensive activities for the upcoming rally in Paris; from holding book exhibitions to protests, they are making every effort to expose Iran’s regime.

These supporters are essentially backing up the people in Iran who are crying out for change in their ongoing protests; it is because of these supporters that some of the biggest names from England’s Parliament, Jury (including some top lawyers), Workers Union, Human Rights and Women’s Rights Associations, are going to take part in the upcoming rally on 30th June.

200 English Parliamentarians support the “Free Iran” rally

So far, at least several statements have been issued by England’s parliament against Iran’s regime; the latest one which supports the upcoming rally in Paris, has been signed by more than 200 parliamentarians who represent the House of Commons, the House of Lords, and several other classes of UK.

In this statement, the parliamentarians show their firm support for the uprising of Iran’s people who are calling for a free and democratic country; members also support the 10-point plan of the NCRI’s head Maryam Rajavi.

Besides this statement, another one has also been made by dozens of parliamentarians who express their solidarity with Iranians. This statement asks for the Revolutionary Guard Corps to be added to England’s list of terrorists.

The focus of English media on NCRI’s upcoming rally

A considerable number of press activities and interviews are currently being conducted with English parliamentarians, many of which have already been broadcast too.

On several occasions, the majority of the House of Commons have announced their support for the upcoming “Free Iran” rally, which has been organised and by Maryam Rajavi, and is going to be held in Paris on 30th June.

Around 200 members of the House of Lords, many of whom are Queen-Counsel judges and lawyers, have also expressed their support for NCRI.

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