Mullahs’ Official in the European Parliament

Boroujerdi, a close relative of Khamenei, is in constant touch with Bashar Assad, Hassan Nasrallah and the regime's mercenaries in the region.

Alaeddin Boroujerdi, Chairman of the Committee for Foreign Policy and National Security of the mullahs’ Majlis, will be heard at the European Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee on Tuesday, January 23, 2018.

The Majlis is an integral part of the mullahs’ regime whose members have passed the filter of heart belief in and practical commitment to the Vali Faqih (supreme leader). Boroujerdi is from Khamenei's faction, his close relative, and is in constant contact with Bashar al-Assad, Hassan Nasrallah and regime’s other terrorists in the region.

Reception to the EP of a person who has played an active role in suppression and export of terrorism over the past four decades is absolutely unacceptable. The Iranian Resistance calls for the cancellation of this invitation that is in clear contradiction with the values that the European Union was established for and are defended by the European Parliament. While people throughout Iran are demanding the overthrow of this regime, and thousands of the protesters are imprisoned, and a number of them have been killed under torture, this reception means trampling down on human rights values and emboldening the mullahs to intensify repression, torture and execution.

Any dialogue with this regime without publicly condemning its crimes and unconditional support of the Iranian people uprising to end religious tyranny will be used by the ruling mullahs against the Iranian people.

During the first two weeks of the nationwide uprising, people in more than 140 cities across the country demonstrated and expressed their desire to overthrow the regime with slogans such as "Death to Khamenei" and "Death to Rouhani". With slogans such as "No to reformists, no to principlists, the story is over", the people showed that they did not recognize any distinction between the two factions of this regime and demand the overthrow of its totality. At least 8,000 of the demonstrators were arrested, a number of them are missing, and some of them were killed under torture. 90% of the arrested are young people under 25 and 35% of them are students.

National Council of Resistance of Iran – Foreign Affairs Committee
January 19, 2018