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NCRI - Fearing an end of an era of U.S. policy towards Tehran by arrival of the new US Administration, The regime in Tehran state-run Etemad Newspaper warned: "we have to be concerned about the presence of Trump in the White House."

The state-run Shargh Newspaper also warned that some internal circles within the regime In Teharn: “The world will be full of dangers with Trump's Administration. His intentions towards the system [Iranian regime] should be taken seriously. He actually targets the system. His conducts should be carefully monitored and no hasty decision has to be made."

The state-run Ebtekar Newspaper also wrote: U.S.’s “order of the foreign policy, defense, and intelligence is designated to weaken the Iranian regime. Trump's hostile Tweets and words against us will continue and this issue requires contemplation and time."

In an article titled “conspiracy puzzle against the Islamic Republic”, state run Shargh newspaper writes “despite all that we laid out in Syrian war, today Russia and Turkey are taking advantage of the achievements.”

“In a situation when the United States and its allies are looking for an excuse to portray Iran as the nuclear deal violator, the missile test has provided the Trump administration with enough excuse to form a new coalition against us”, adds the newspaper.

This newspaper which is linked to Rouhani’s faction then questions: “could French Foreign Secretary’s explicit remarks, and the position of British Ambassador to the UN, and the remarks made by Trump’s security advisor be regarded as quite irrelevant to new U.S. excuse fabrication? In such conditions we more than ever need to have foresight … in case of possible crises, everyone will be denied of such opportunity.”

Regarding the plan to put Revolutionary Guards on the US list of terrorist organizations, the newspaper close to Rouhani’s band ‘Jahan-e-Sanat’ writes: “the nuclear deal has been more sensible when looking at actions and behavior patterns of the Revolutionary Guard and the United States. The Revolutionary Guard has always tried to prevent US influence and presence in the region. The US in turn has, through imposing organized sanctions, never left such measures unanswered.”

The newspaper then adds with concern “if the new U.S. administration, supported by a congress dominated by Republicans, can move ahead with its measures, considering the announced positions of Trump’s militant cabinet, the situation will deteriorate in the future, with increased tensions being the repeated story of what’s to come.”

On the other hand, a former member of the nuclear negotiating team described Trump’s coming to power as a failure for Rouhani’s policies and asked for his stepping down. Mehdi Mohammadi writes: “the era of democrats allies (within the regime) is over. They have no chance to come up with a proper policy to deal with Trump … So, they should leave the scene…

for more than two years some have attempted to impose the nuclear deal on (regime’s) security environment, with the aim of pushing the nuclear deal model to be followed in (regime’s) other strategic conflicts with the United States.”