Representative of the National Council of Resistance of Iran

Statement of the Representative Office of the National Council of Resistance of Iran in Norway

The clerical regime's terrorist plot in Europe in 2018, organized by the diplomats and embassies of the religious fascism ruling Iran, has made a review in relations with this regime ever more necessary. In 2018, the regime's terrorist plots spanned over Albania, France, Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway and Denmark.


Is Spiegelgate the Western Press’ Worst Scandal?

What about Iran’s misinformation campaign?

Revelations of the deceit of journalist Claas Relotius, an editor of Germany’s prestigious Der Spiegel magazine, shocked advocates of the free press. It has now become apparent that most of the Relotius’s 60 reports for which he had won several journalism awards were based on lies. The German Journalists’ Union DJU called the case “the biggest fraud scandal in journalism since the Hitler diaries” in 1983 and CNN retracted its awards to him.

 Friday's Iran Mini Report - January 4, 2019

Ahvaz Steel workers condemn suppressive measures

In a statement issued on Thursday January 3rd the Steel workers of Ahvaz condemned the savage attacks on the protesters by security forces and imprisonment and torture of workers. They also condemned turning the atmosphere of the factory into a military garrison which will lead to permanent shut down of the factory.

Maryam Rajavi's Christmas & New Year 2019 Message

2019 would be a year of advancement of resistance and uprisings towards freedom and victory.

Suffering Christians of Iran, fellow compatriots, followers of Jesus Christ around the world, My greetings for Christmas, on the birth of Jesus Christ, son of Mary, the great prophet of God.

And I bow before the Virgin Mary, the eternal example of innocence and purity.

Maryam Rajav

Maryam Rajavi: Terrorism is the regime’s strategy to thwart its own overthrow, and all its leaders are involved

The Revolutionary Guard Corps, the Ministry of Intelligence, and the state propaganda machine must be placed on the US FTO list and the EU terror list, the regime’s financial lifelines blocked, the dossier of the regime’s crimes against humanity be referred to the UN Security Council and its leaders brought to justice

U.S.Congress Members

By Staff Writer

A coalition of bipartisan congress members has joined Iranian Americans to express support for Iranian protesters, and highlight the Iranian regime’s malign role around the world at a Congressional event.

Maryam Rajavi

By Mohammad Sadat Khansari

December 7 in Iran is Student Day, an annual commemoration of the three protesting University of Tehran students murdered by the Shah’s agents in 1953. Each year it is marked by demonstrations by current Iranian students and recently, there has been a large uptick in protests by students and educators.

Support for Trustworthy Iranian News Outlets Is More Important Than Ever

By Mahmoud Hakamian

In recent months, a good deal of publicity has been given to Iranian propaganda networks and disinformation campaigns. International attention was first focused on the issue in August when the social media giants Facebook and Twitter began exposing fake accounts with their roots in Iran, following a report from the cybersecurity firm FireEye. Most recently, the resulting closures received new reporting and broader context, in the form of a special report from Reuters which identified 70 websites throughout the world that were tasked with conveying Iranian regime propaganda.

A Telethon for the Uprising in Iran

By Staff Writer

Each year a telethon is organized in the Iranian diaspora in which also people from Iran and all over the world participate in favor of the opposition channel Simaye-Azadi, "The Face of Freedom", this channel has been broadcasted by satellite 24 hours a day for seventeen years over Iran and worldwide. This year, the Telethon, whose theme is "The ongoing uprising in Iran," has started from November 30 and will continue to December 3.



Jason Rezaian, parroting the Iranian state-run media, rehashed a litany of lies, and baseless allegations against the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran in his blog in the Washington Post on March 24.