Iran: No TV debates for election candidates

NCRI – The Iranian regime’s officials have refused to allow televised debates to take place between the candidates approved to stand in the sham presidential election.

Authorities at the state-run TV network have said that debates would have been allowed had there been only five candidates on the ballot sheet.

But now that there are eight, each presidential hopeful must present their manifesto individually.

The state-run IRNA news agency reported on Wednesday: “From the outset there was never any serious intention among the authorities to allow debates to be held.”

The Iranian regime’s Ministry of Interior on Wednesday released the names of the approved candidates.

Eight individuals were approved by the Guardian Council, after a 10-day vetting process.

The Guardian Council is made up of six experts in ‘Islamic law’, who are all selected by the Supreme Leader, and six judges selected by the parliament – but who were also appointed as judges by the Supreme Leader.

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