Hossein Abedini,

By Staff Writer

The Iranian Regime sees the ongoing nationwide protests in their country, led by the Iranian Resistance, as a real threat to its continued rule, which is why they conspire to commit acts of terror against resistance groups in Europe.

Over the past nine months, hundreds of thousands of Iranians have protested in more than 140 cities across Iran calling for the overthrow of the Iranian Regime, after the mullahs bankrupted the country and abused the people. The people have been led by Iranian Resistance groups, the democratic coalition of the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI) and the People’s Mojahedin Organisation of Iran (PMOI/MEK), who are acting on behalf of the Iranian people.

The Iranian Regime, unable to stop the protests in their own country, have turned their attention to the NCRI and MEK in Europe, hoping that they can stop the uprising by terrorising the Resistance. Twice this year, the Iranian Regime has tried and failed to commit terrorist acts against the Resistance; once in Albania in March and once in France in June. The June attack targeted the annual Free Iran gathering, at which 100,000 people, including European MPs and American dignitaries were present.

The Regime’s terrorist actions were exposed by the NCRI at a press conference in London on September 12, where they identified key members in the Regime’s terror plots and cited Iranian embassies as the hubs for terror plots. They called for Europe to do more to stand up to the mullahs before an attack happens.

The Iranian Regime believes that the only way to stop its overthrow is to attack the Iranian Resistance, relying on terrorism and propaganda to do so. Europe should put its foot down and put national security over appeasement. Otherwise, it will only result in more attacks.

Hossein Abedini, a member of the Parliament in exile of the Iranian resistance and member of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the NCRI, wrote: “The Iranian regime is feeling the effects of its unpopularity and now is in a desperate, weakened state, preparing to commit further terrible atrocities so as to hold on to power. Their fear of the organized Resistance, the NCRI, and its growing support supersede their fear of retaliation by European countries as a result of decade-long appeasement policies.”

Europe should:

• Prosecute Iranian terrorists in European courts; specifically those held after the France plot should be tried in Belgium, where they are detained

• Arrest, try and expel any Iranian intelligence ministry spies and agents

• shut down and investigate with immediate effect Iran’s centres, and hidden sleeper cells in Europe