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NCRI - When Donald Trump appointed John Bolton as National Security Advisor, it sparked much debate in American foreign policy circles.

This is especially prominent because of the upcoming deadline on the Iran nuclear deal (aka the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action or JCPOA).

Bolton, a noted Iran hawk who opposed the JCPOA and supports regime change in Iran, is likely to convince Trump to pull out of the deal – not that Trump needed any convincing.

So the debate over Bolton’s appointment is less about his character or his suitability for the position and more a debate over the future of the nuclear deal. Thankfully, Bolton and Trump recognise that the Iranian Regime cannot be reasoned with and that regime change is the only option for peace in the Middle East.

A firm policy on Iran that supports regime change need not involve military action. Targeted sanctions and support for the legitimate Iranian Resistance will allow the Iranian people to topple their own dictators.

After all, there is already a government-in-exile that is ready to stabilise Iran from the moment the mullahs fall until the elections can be held. That is the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI).

Just to be clear, the Iranian people are calling out for regime change, as evidenced by their ongoing nationwide protests. The Regime has blamed their enemies for inciting the protests, but seem not to realise the Iranian people are the biggest enemy of the Regime.

Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei has even been forced to admit that banned opposition movement the People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran (PMOI/MEK) enjoys strong support in Iran, despite the mullah’s brutal efforts to eliminate the MEK.

This elimination campaign is most obvious in the 1988 massacre, when the Regime slaughter 30,000 political prisoners affiliated with the MEK in just a few months.

The MEK not only enjoys strong support in Iran, but also outside. Politicians from any number of political parties across the world support the MEK, which is the largest group in the NCRI, and routinely advocate for their governments to support the Iranian Resistance.

One such politician is Bolton, who spoke at the NCRI’s Free Iran gathering in Paris last July and told the 100,000-strong crowd that the Iranian Regime would not live to see it’s 40th birthday in 2019. Now it appears, Bolton is helping his promise become a reality.

Ken Blackwell, who served as US Ambassador to the United Nations Human Rights Commission in the George H. W. Bush Administration, wrote on CNS News: “This shift could not be more timely. Iran’s recent nationwide uprising was not a one-off event…. At this exceptional juncture, we must recognize that the mullahs can be subdued, and that the US can put itself on the right side of history by supporting Iran’s domestic push for a free, democratic future. To do so would be a triumph for the Iranian people, for American interests, and for the Middle East as a whole. Such an accomplishment would indeed go down in history, and be acclaimed by all Americans and all defenders of democracy, whatever their politics.”

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