president Trump

NCRI Staff

NCRI - On October 15, president Trump will report to the Congress about how Iranian regime has complied with the nuclear agreement, JCPOA.

As the date approaches, worries of Iran regime’s different factions about the Fate of nuclear agreement rises.

“The Americans are proposing a new negotiation, but what guarantees are there that the outcome of the new negotiation will not be proscribed or violated?" Said Mohammad Nabi Habibi, head of the Islamic Coalition band, an ally of Iranian regime’s Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei, responding to statements by US officials.

He then confirmed the positions of Hassan Rouhani and Javad Zarif in the United Nations and said: “We are positive about the current positions of the president and the foreign minister against the Americans... it is a great achievement of the recent visit to New York that the president concludes negotiating with the United States is a waste of time and the foreign minister also says that talks with the United States are useless,” (Tasnim news agency affiliated to terrorist Quds force, 24 September 2017).

At the same time, state-run Kayhan newspaper affiliated to Khamenei, attacking the positions of Rouhani and Zarif, wrote: “

The question is how Mr. Rouhani speaks in his numerous speeches in New York about "the vitality of JCPOA in the political history of the region and the world" and "the need for trust in maintaining the future of the talks" and considers the high cost of withdrawal as "the distrust and the impossibility of negotiations in the future? Do these words mean sending positive impulses to go ahead with JCPOA 2 negotiation progress?” (Kayhan- September 24).

In another article titled “The practical response to violations of JCPOA is a reciprocal action rather than verbal criticism," the Kayhan lamented the claims of Rouhani and partners about creating a gap in the P5 + 1and wrote: “The recent statements by western officials indicate that, contrary to the ridiculous claim of ‘creating a divide between Europe and the United States because of JCPOA’, the Americas and the European Union members of the P5+1 are after making the nuclear agreement permanent and adding the issue of Iran’s missile power and regional power of Iran to the provisions of JCPOA,” (Kayhan – September 24).

In contrast, the media and officials affiliated to Rouhani’s band, while calling the condition critical, they advise Rouhani and the whole system that they need to be “flexible” about the demands of the external parties.

“In a new confrontation between the new US government and the new government, we should not wait for the flexibility of the Americans,” wrote state-run Jahan Sana’t (World of Industary) daily on September 24. “Donald Trump has shown that he wants to make his sayings and demands at any cost, and this is a real threat to the system (Iran regime).”

“If we are to peak the inconsistency with the United States, we need to look after the business and macroeconomics in a secure environment,” the media said. “We must make special concessions to the EU that has economic interests in Iran in order to eliminate its solidarity with the United States.”

At the same time, Ahmad Reza Sherzad, who calls himself "a nuclear issue expert in the regime," says: "As the American politicians point out, they are very keen to see a violation by the regime and, under this pretext, return back to their political goals and continue the pressures of the International sanctions era against the regime.”

He added: “We have no choice but to adapt to the evil and machinations of the Americans... In the current situation, if Americans want to act unilaterally, we prefer to remain loyal to the treaty,” (State-run Etemad daily, September 24).