Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran

Senior Iranian official’s remarks makes it ever more necessary to evict IRGC & proxies from region

Once again, a senior cleric in the Iranian regime has acknowledged the fact that the clerical regime considers Iraq, Syria and Mediterranean costs inside the borders of Iran.

Speaking at so-called Friday prayers sermon in the northeastern city of Mashhad, Alam al-Hoda, a member of Iran’s Assembly of Experts and representative of the Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei said on Friday: “Today, it is not as if the Iraqi desert, the Levant and Mediterranean coasts are outside of this country’s borders. Islam’s front (read the regime’s borders) has been established there”.

He made it crystal clear that the deceitful term of “defending the shrine,” used by the clerical regime for cloaking their killings of the Syrian people, has no meaning other than continuing their aggressive and occupational campaign in the region.

“Troops dispatched from here as defenders of the shrine are making sacrifices in that front. They are in fact the troops of Imam Reza (the eighth imam of Shiite Islam whose shrine is in the city of Mashhad) who are dispatched from here to Iraq and Syria to expand this religion (read the religious dictatorship currently ruling Iran),” he added.

The remarks made by one of Iranian regime’s high-ranking official regarding the clerical regime’s objectives in meddling in Iraq and Syria makes it ever more necessary to evict the Revolutionary Guards Corp (IRGC) and their affiliated proxies from Syria, Iraq and other countries in the region.

Foreign Affairs Committee
Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
August 18, 2017