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NCRI - On Thursday, 27 July 2017, Iranian state owned Keyhan newspaper affiliated to Khamenei’s band in factional feud accused government officials of “trowelling the new U.S. sanctions” and wrote in a report: “As usual, officials in the country have always been struggling to trowel the crimes of the United States and claim that new sanctions are the repetition of previous and unimportant sanctions.”

This is explicitly pointing to the statements of the regime’s Speaker of Parliament, Ali Larijani, and President Hassan Rouhani.

“You see, sanctions against the regime are very different than the sanctions imposed on North Korea or Russia, and Iran's sanctions are actually repeating past sanctions,” Hassan Rouhani said in a response to recent U.S. congressional enactment.

Abbas Araghchi, Iran regime deputy foreign affairs minister, said the effect of the new sanctions on the regime was small and said: "The new law that is being ratified does not impose a new embargo and combines existing US sanctions on terrorism, human rights, missiles and weapons, but can, at the same time affect the JCPOA and reduce the benefits of the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

Speaking to the media, Larijani called on the media to “accurately chart the size and scope of the sanctions bill.” He said: “When we analyze these sanctions, we see that 90 percent of them are in effect and available and now they are legalized.”

The Speaker of the regime’s parliament has recommended that "the state TV stations and the media should not create anxiety, and we should not fall into American propaganda.”