Presidential elections

NCRI - In an article on the consequences of the feud between the different factions of the regime during the Presidential elections, the state run daily, Javan, run by the IRGC wrote:

“Statements made in this election by some of the candidates, have been unprecedented and at times undermine the entire regime.” Rouhani stated in Hamedan “Those who only knew execution and prison in the last 38 years, the people don’t want you” or in Urumyeh he accused his opponents of cutting tongues and sewing lips. In Ghazvin he went further to state not voting for him would be synonymous to the start of war and imprisonment of Iran, and also tried to place the Sunnis up against the regime.

The state run daily addresses the harmful consequences of such statements and states:

- Provoking and promoting the enemies of the regime…. To increase pressure and threats

- Creating social and security challenges are the natural result of such statements, particularly considering that campaign events and gatherings have turned into an opportunity to support riot and those promoting uprisings.

- Undermining the Islamic revolution’s past is the outcome of such statements. To imply that the 38 year tenure of the regime has been imprisonment and executions and some have made a career by cutting tongues and sewing lips, is particularly alarming coming from someone (Rouhani) who has been the Chair of the High Council on National Security and has held other such positions.

This IRGC newspaper raises further concern by stating, “Documenting for the international community who claim to be defenders of human rights in order to intervene in the internal affairs of Iran and to accuse this innocent and revolutionary regime, is one of the other consequences of such issues being raised by the current president. With such statements the UN Human Rights representative doesn’t need to create dossiers against Iran using documents from the PMOI and the Americans have received the needed documents to be able to increase sanctions after the nuclear JCPOA, on our missile program and human rights and other areas.

Javan Daily concludes: Creating a gap between the people and the government, and fueling a dual governance within the regime is the outcome of such lies being raised by the President