General Ahmad Rahal

NCRI - Russia’s plan to set up safe zones in Syria with participation of the Iranian regime is actually a plot against the Syrian people’s revolution, says a Syrian military analyst in his interview with Orient TV on May 7.

General Ahmad Rahal said in the interview “let’s talk real. We’re faced with conspiracies which are initiated by the fox of an Iranian regime, approved by Russia, and implemented by the criminal Assad regime. This was all that was achieved in Astana.”

“If Russians were serious about this”, he added, “They should have given a specific definition of the safe zones to the UN and the Security Council. These terms are quite well-known, both legally and internationally, and their requirements are quite clear as well.”

“Giving ambiguous definition of the safe zones is aimed at allowing Assad regime and Iranian regime’s militias to rally supported by Russian bombings, thus to launch new militia formations, as the so-called ‘Mahdi’s Shield’ was formed by the Iranian regime in the past three days. This is aimed at strengthening the Assad regime militarily, economically, and financially. They want to make opposition groups fight one another, and then they can move ahead with their operation to overthrow the revolution. This is quite clear. Russia won’t be harmed as it’s involved in Syrian occupation. Neither does the Iranian blood-shedder regime or the Assad’s dictator, killer regime.”

The Syrian opposition not only expressed its discontent of the multi-lateral Astana talks, but some of their representatives also left the venue, calling for guarantees that the Iranian regime won’t have any role in setting up safe zones.

The Iranian regime and its backed militias are acting as Assad’s accomplice in killing Syrian people.