Lebanese Hezbollah Militia

NCRI - Sky News TV quoted from German newspaper Die Welt about financial crisis of Iranian regime's affiliated militia in Lebanon on May 7th saying: A German intelligence source reports Lebanon Hezbollah is in its worst financial situation. The funding sources and networks of the party has unprecedentedly been declined.

Hezbollah has been stuck on a difficult impasse and because of Iranian regime's terrorist projects in the region it can no longer hypocritically claim legitimacy.

Lack of funds, corruption and loss of confidence are crisis that the Lebanese Hezbollah militia is engulfed in.

Since the Hezbollah’s arrival to Syria in support of the Assad’s regime the Crisis unfolded, but as the German newspaper Die Welt wrote this crisis now is intensified.

In addition to participating in the war in Syria alongside Assad’s troops, Hezbollah militants and consultants are conducting the war in Yemen with Houthis as well.

Declination of funds has forced Hezbollah to reach elsewhere other than the Iranian regime to collect funds. The terrorist group has focused on collecting money from Lebanon, Africa, America and Europe. Germany's Die Welt says those who donate to Hezbollah are afraid of the groups’ intimidations. At the same time, Hezbollah has not been able to hide its internal corruption. From drug trafficking to embezzlement which has made fortune for Hezbollah militia leaders.