Iran Regime's Reconnaissance Drone

NCRI - Alarabiya TV reported on Wednesday February 22 it has obtained images taken by a drone from the port of Midi, western Yemen. The drone was shot down by Yemen’s National Army.

According to a captured Houthi rebel, the drone was guided by an Iranian, the mark on whose helmet was unlike any other Yemen’s military or security institutes.

Alarabiya TV quoted its sources as saying that the mark belongs to the branch of Iranian trainers in Yemen.

A Yemeni soldier says in this regard “the drone was flying over the port of Midi, filming and spying on the areas and positions controlled by Yemen’s National Army when they shot it down.”

The films obtained from the drone shows Houthis recruiting children and also proves that Iranian regime’s Revolutionary Guards agents are among them.

Another Yemeni soldier shows an ID Card, saying that the card is used by trainers at a Houthi rebels ‘military training center, in order to monitor maps and sites.

Also Major General ‘Ahmad Saif’, Yemen’s Deputy Chief of Staff of Armed Forces, maintained in his interview with Asharq al-Awsat that the country’s army has kept track of the Iranian regime-made bombs which were previously used by Hezbollah and are now being used by Houthi militias.

“A lot of trained Yemenis who have graduated from Iran’s universities in different fields have been captured”, he added.

Yemen’s Deputy Chief of Staff of Armed Forces said that the Iranian regime is directly involved in arming Houthi rebels and Abdullah Saleh forces, with the latest instance in this regard being their use of a number of islands in western Yemen for smuggling weapons and delivering them to Houthis.

Saif maintained that senior commanders in Yemen’s armed forces have obtained details on how the Iranian regime uses these islands to smuggle weapons to Yemen and that the issue will be properly resolved at higher command levels. He added that the National Army has recently seized three weapons cache the rebels used as a temporary storage for smuggled weapons.