Dr. Taysir Altamimi,

NCRI - In an interview with Aljazeera, Dr. Taysir Altamimi, former Palestinian Chief Justice, maintained the Resistance of Iran’s key role in exposing the true nature of the Iranian regime.

In the interview, released on Aljazeera Arabic website on Sunday February 19, Altamimi says that “NCRI plays a key role in revealing the realities of the vilayat-e-faqih regime, who ignites sectarian wars across the region.”

Pointing to Iranian regime’s interventions and destructive role of creating conflicts among Palestinian groups, Altamimi said that the regime welcomes disunity in Palestine and that it has not taken even a single step towards reconciling Palestinian nationalist groups.

Altamimi maintained that the Quds Day demonstration the Iranian regime holds each year on the last Friday of Ramadan, is only a show with which the regime wants to deceive Muslims.

Pointing to the role of NCRI, he said that “NCRI is seeking unity between all Muslims and is trying to make it happen so that there’s no more religious wars and conflicts in the region. NCRI wants to form a front of Islamic countries to deal with the challenges, threats and plots they’re exposed to.”

In response to a question on the crisis in Syria, Altamimi said that “the Syrian crisis won’t be resolved, unless the Iranian regime withdraws its forces and affiliated militias, particularly the Lebanese Hezbollah, from Syria.”

Altamimi emphasized that the Iranian regime is following a sectarian project not only in Syria but across the region, with the main proof being the remarks made by regime’s officials and authorities on various occasions.”