Hassan Rouhani

NCRI - Two days after a member of the Iranian regime’s Parliament announced that: “the issue of disqualification of Hassan Rouhani in presidential election of 2017 is resolved.” A spokesman for the Guardian Council (which approves the candidates) said such news is not true.

Abbas Ali Kadkhodaei, spokesman for this council, on Tuesday February 7 in an interview with the Mizan news agency, affiliated to the judiciary, said: “I am not aware of this.”

The council’s spokesman added: “At the time of vetting, the members may have different opinions, but ultimately whatever is announced, is the opinion of the Guardian Council.”

Mohammad Reza Tabesh, Member of Parliament of the regime, on Sunday February 5 told ILNA news agency that "severe psychological war" against Hassan Rouhani is waged with the aim of not running for the upcoming presidential election and Mr. Rouhani “may not survive all these attacks and give up the presidency”.

Referring to remarks of the spokesman a few days ago, Tabesh said that "the disqualification of the incumbent President on the eve of next election campaign is unprecedented."

He added: "Even if some members of the Guardian Council had such intentions and motives, this problem is resolved with the guidance of senior officials."

This Member of Parliament did not give any explanations about "resolving the issue of disqualification of Rouhani with the guidance of senior officials".

It is noteworthy that whenever regime’s sites and authorities cannot address Khamenei (the leader of regime) directly, they refer to him as “a senior official of the regime.”

Earlier, Abbas Ali Kadkhodaei had announced the the Guardian Council always reviewed the qualification of the incumbent President for his second term, and there was "no guarantee" that the “incumbent” president would be approved.

Ten days after these remarks, Nejatollah Ebrahimian, another member of the Council, affirmed that there were no legal distinction between the president and others, and the president may also be disqualified.