Iran IraqA member of the State of Law coalition in Iraq has called on the Iranian regime to act as a responsible neighbor when it comes to the security and stability of Iraq, al-Hurra TV reported on Wednesday.

Ezzat Shabandar said in an interview with al-Hurra that the Iranian regime’s meddling in Iraqi politics and security is not a secret. The regime wants to shape the politics of Iraq in accordance with its own agenda and interests, he said.

jfkAn American newspaper has reported that two men currently on trial for planning terrorist attacks in Manhattan have had ties with the Iranian regime. According to the paper, one of them admitted he felt bound to implement religious decrees issued by the Iranian regime’s leaders.

Examiner wrote on August 5, “Two suspects were convicted in Manhattan for a terrorism conspiracy that revealed ties to Iran and Venezuela.”

Iran ToytaBloomberg -  Toyota Motor Corp., the world’s biggest carmaker, halted exports to Iran in view of U.S. and United Nations sanctions over the country’s nuclear program.

Toyota stopped shipping Land Cruiser, Prado and Hiace models to Iran in June, Tokyo-based spokeswoman Shiori Hashimoto said by phone today. “The company will continue to monitor the international situation” and hasn’t decided when exports will resume, she said.

Iran IraqNegotiations between the Iraqi prime minister and leaders of the Iraqi Kurdish region have not produced any results in Iraq, while Nouri al-Maliki’s insistence on saving his post as the prime minister as well as the Iranian regime’s terrorist meddling have fueled increasing protests and anger among average Iraqis.

SiemensGerman authorities have stopped a shipment by Siemens to the Iranian regime. According to the weekly Der Spiegel, customs agents in Frankfurt airport confiscated a Siemens shipment to the regime in June, which was headed to the Bushehr nuclear facility through Russia.

The German weekly added that Siemens had announced in January that it will not carry out further deals with the Iranian regime.

 The Institute for Science and International Security (ISIS) has said in a report that despite international sanctions and UN resolutions, the Iranian regime has started using centrifuges in hopes of enriching uranium to higher levels, according to Germany’s Deutsche Welle radio on Friday.

OkhtapusIraq’s Jaafari Shiite Delegation released a statement from London on Tuesday, denouncing the Iranian regime’s involvement in Iraqi affairs and calling on the United Nations Security Council to interfere in order to end Iranian influence, according Malaf Net.

In parts of the statement, the delegation stated, “The Iranian regime is using all its powers to oppose the formation of a government headed by leaders of al-Iraqiya,” referring to a coalition that won majority votes in March’s parliamentary election in Iraq.

AlhurraThe Iraqi television channel al-Hurra aired a report on Wednesday highlighting the Iranian regime’s meddling in Iraq.

The news channel said that although the US government wants a new government in Iraq by the end of August 2010 before the withdrawal of American troops, some are saying that the Iranian regime is working hard to prevent that from happening.

ZaferMr. Zafer al-Ani one of the senior leaders of the al-Iraqiya List, which won majority votes during March’s parliamentary elections in Iraq, warned on Thursday about foreign influence in Iraqi affairs while insisting on the list’s right to form a new government.

Speaking with al-Baghdadiya TV, Zafer al-Ani said, “To the degree which we are worried about making the formation of the Iraqi government an international issue, we are also concerned about it being a regional issue.”

Kora IranTop official of Korean  government on Friday called for the nation’s participation in sanctions against Iranian regime.

"We must cooperate because this could also affect South Korea’s security,” the official said on the condition of anonymity.