DT-12According to obtained reports, on Wednesday evening, after the screening of a movie ended at Esteqlal Cinema in Tehran and the lights were turned on, viewers noticed numerous anti-regime slogans on chairs and walls of the cinema’s exit hall.

Dozens of slogans were written, including “our uprising is alive, [regime supreme leader Ali] Khamenei is dead, our next protest on September 3,” “the blood of martyrs and suffering of political prisoners will be avenged from Khamenei – next protest on September 3,” “sanctions are a prelude to change, Iranians rise up and launch a strike,” and “death to Khamenei.”

AhmadiA number of youths gathered in front of a stadium on Wednesday where the mullahs’ President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was speaking and chanted “death to dictator.”

According to obtained reports, Ahmadinejad was speaking at the so-called Qods Stadium in the western city of Hamedan. The regime’s suppressive State Security Forces (SSF) arrested several youths to prevent the expansion of the protest act.

res handThe representative of the Iranian regime’s Supreme Leader at the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), mullah Saeedi, openly defended the clerical regime’s meddling in Iran and complained about the “prospect of Sunnis rising to power in Iraq.” He said the Iranian regime cannot remain silent in the face of such a prospect.

200 rallies in 40 cities and messages from five continents in the week of solidarity with Ashraf, honoring the victims of last year's attack on Ashraf and massacre of political prisoners in 1988


The World Alliance of Iranian Communities for Ashraf expressed gratitude to Iranians, supporters of the Iranian Resistance and freedom-seeking people around the world for their participation in the week of solidarity with Ashraf and honoring 30,000 political prisoners massacred in 1988.

TresuryThe Vancouver Sun - Tightening its grip on the Iranian economy, the U.S. Treasury Department announced new actions Tuesday against individuals and companies tied to the feared Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps and identified many Iran-connected companies in Germany and elsewhere.

New prohibitions and the potential freezing of assets were announced against alleged senior officers in the Guard Corps, an elite branch of Iran's military, and members of the affiliated Qods force, which conducts special overseas operations and liaison with terrorist groups.

QudsIntelligence officials in Berlin have said that the main suspect of the assassination of Lebanon’s former prime minister Rafiq Hariri have been sent to Iran from Lebanon, the Kuwaiti daily al-Seyassah wrote on Saturday.

Citing German intelligence officials, al-Seyassah wrote, “Two weeks ago, after international investigations zoomed in on Hezbollah commanders, Mostafa Badraddin, the main suspect in the assassination of Rafiq Hariri, who is a member of Hezbollah and used to be the right hand man of Emad Moqnieh, was transferred on an Iranian plane, along with a number of other Hezbollah leaders, to Damascus and later to Tehran from Lebanon’s Biqa Valley.”

Nato kanAFP - Japan imposed sanctions against Iran over its contentious nuclear programme today in line with a UN resolution and said it plans to announce additional punitive measures later this month. The cabinet of Prime Minister Naoto Kan announced the steps as the US State Department's special adviser for non-proliferation and arms control Robert Einhorn was headed for Tokyo as part of an East Asian tour.

regime Germany Focus on lineL’hebdomadaire allemand Focus a révélé dans son numéro du 26 juillet que les services de renseignement allemand ont identifié un agent du Ministère du Renseignement et de Sécurité des mollahs, « Arhan R. », impliqué dans l'espionnage du principal parti d'opposition, les Moudjahidine du peuple d'Iran (OMPI), mettant fin à ses activités.

LimbertJohn Limbert, one of the 52 Americans taken hostage by the Iranian regime in Tehran in 1979, suggested in a radio interview that the Obama experience has shown that the Iranian regime is not susceptible to negotiations.

According to NPR on Saturday, Limbert, who will soon leave his job as the head of the State Department's Iran desk, said, "I think the Iranians, either out of a sense of insecurity or internal paralysis, seem unable to respond positively to what everyone sees as a very sincere effort at outreach.”

Gen. BakerThe deputy commander of American forces in Iraq’s central region issued a warning on Saturday regarding the Iranian regime’s meddling and aid to Iraqi militias, according to al-Sharqiya TV.

The TV station reported: American military forces have once again charged the Iranian regime with supporting and backing armed Iraqi groups and carrying out deadly attacks inside the country.