Bank MelatReuters - South Korea said on Wednesday it would restrict the Seoul operations of an Iranian bank accused of facilitating Tehran's efforts to develop nuclear weapons.

"The government will restrict foreign exchange transactions of 102 institutions ... including Bank Mellat, and 24 individuals ...without the approval of the Bank of Korea," a government statement said.

ZaferA senior official of the al-Iraqiya coalition in Iraq, Dr. Zafer al-Ani, said in a statement that if the national platform of the al-Iraqiya coalition for the formation of a new government is not implemented, then the Iraqi people would face the threat of the establishment of a pro-Iranian government in Iraq.

AllawiThe leader of the winning al-Iraqiya coalition in Iraq, Dr. Ayad Allawi, called on the Iranian regime for the third consecutive day to cease meddling in Iraq’s internal affairs and avoid fueling sectarian flames.

In an interview with the Kuwaiti daily al-Rai, Dr. Allawi said, “I have objections to the Iranian regime’s policies in Iraq which support certain political movements against others and encourage sectarianism.” He called on the Iranian regime to see Iraq as an independent and sovereign state instead of a sphere of political influence or its own back yard.

Nabil Abu Rudeineh In response to the provocative remarks of the Iranian regime’s president, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, against the Palestinian leadership after the peace talks in Washington, a spokesman for the Palestinian Authority said on Saturday, “Ahmadinejad does not even represent the Iranian people and he is certainly not entitled to talk about Palestine or the Palestinian President.”

Speaking at the Iranian regime’s Friday prayers in Tehran on Friday on the occasion of so-called Qods Day, Ahmadinejad took a confrontational gesture against the Palestinian Authority and leaders of the Arab world for supporting the Middle East talks in Washington.

Ted PoeA US Congressman is pushing international companies that have branches in Texas to sever ties with the Iranian regime in an attempt to toughen US sanctions against the clerical regime.

According to Forbes magazine, there are many multi-national corporations with operations in Texas. Congressman Ted Poe, a representative from the southern US state, is trying to convince these corporations to implement the US sanctions against the Iranian regime in order to protect their own credibility.

BahrainDaily Telegraph - Bahrain has indicated Iranian was implicated in an alleged plot to overthrow its government after 23 prominent opposition leaders were charged with terrorism offences in the US-backed Gulf kingdom.

Authorities in the island state, which serves as a US naval base, made the arrests during weeks of unrest in the run-up to a parliamentary election next month.

Officials said activists were members of "a terrorist network with international support" and were planning a campaign of "violence, intimidation and subversion".

ClintonIn a joint interview with Israeli and Palestinian TV channels on Saturday, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Clinton said the rise of Iranian-backed extremist ideology in the Middle East is a major reason time is short for a peace agreement between Israel and Palestine, according to the Associated Press.

The Obama administration believes that a successful Mideast peace deal would limit Iran's ability to use Mideast tensions to justify its behavior, according to AP.

KhoramshadA previously announced trip by an Iranian regime foreign ministry deputy to the Netherlands has been cancelled, according to reports.

The visit, featuring Mohammad Baqer Khorramshad, Deputy Foreign Minister in Science and Research Affairs, was to be organized jointly by the Netherlands Institute of International Relations (Clingendael) and the Iranian regime’s embassy in the Hague.

Sen. BrownA US Senator said on Friday the Middle East will never see peace with a nuclear-armed Iranian regime.

Senator Scott Brown wrote in an op-ed piece published by the Wall Street Journal that while Israeli-Palestinian talks are good, Tehran’s nuclear drive continues.

Egypt FM AFP - Egypt said Thursday it has postponed a visit to Cairo by Iranian Foreign Minister Manouchehr Mottaki over comments criticising the role of some Arab leaders in facilitating Middle East peace talks.

The head of the Iranian interests section in Cairo was summoned to explain comments attributed to Mottaki in which he criticised "the participation of certain Arab leaders in the relaunch of direct peace talks between the Palestinians and Israelis in Washington," the foreign ministry said.