AllawiNCRI – The idea of opposing a prominent role for the al-Iraqiya political bloc in running the affairs of Iraq is promoted by the Iranian regime, the leader of al-Iraqiya said in an interview on Monday.

Speaking with al-Arabiya TV, Dr. Ayad Allawi said, “This is a position tied to the Iranian regime and it has led some Iraqi forces influenced by the regime to fall out of line with other movements when it comes to the role of the National Strategic Policies Council.”

NCRI - The Iranian regime must prove that its nuclear program is peaceful and that it is ready to cooperate with the International Atomic Energy Agency, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has said, according to RIA Novosti on Saturday.

After attending a meeting of the NATO-Russia Council in Lisbon, the Russian President said his country will monitor the nuclear programs of some countries, including the Iranian regime, jointly with NATO.

Cyber warThe Iranian regime’s Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC) is using 1,500 of its paramilitary Bassij forces to control Internet use in Tehran.

According to the IRGC’s commander in Tehran, Hossein Hamedani, the group will be named “cyber warriors.” He added that they will increase their activities in the near future.

Mulla Ahmad KhatamiNCRI – In response to widespread popular hatred towards the clerical regime, a senior regime official has warned that interpreting Islam without a role for clerics is an “extremely significant threat.”

Ahmad Khatami, who sits on the regime’s Assembly of Experts presiding board, said, “The threat underscored by the [mullahs’ Supreme Leader] in his recent trip to Qom was that the enemies are pursuing a two-pronged approach, which consists of promoting an Islam without a role for clerics as well as a secular Islam.”

Dr. Saleh MutlakA senior leader in the al-Iraqiya coalition has said in an interview that the Iranian regime’s meddling in Iraq has hurt the country’s sovereignty, but there are ways to curb the regime’s influence.

AllawiThe leader of the Iraqiya coalition, Ayad Allawi, has said that his grouping will participate in the new government and parliament with all of its might in order to end the Iranian regime’s meddling in Iraq.

In an interview with al-Sharqiya TV this weekend, Dr. Allawi said, “There were a variety of issues which led to the decision to participate and effectively work in the new government.”

Norway’s Minister of JusticeNorway’s Minister of Justice has accused the Iranian regime of exporting terrorism abroad and said his country will not issue visas to mullahs who are sent by the Iranian regime to incite terrorism and violent acts in Norway, according to al-Arabiya TV’s website on Thursday.

ABUJA (Reuters) - Nigeria has summoned Iran's ambassador over an arms shipment it seized last month and the Iranian foreign minister is expected to join the talks shortly, an official in the Nigerian foreign ministry said on Thursday.

Molla AliFollowing a recent visit by the Iranian regime’s Supreme Leader to the city of Qom, clerics not allied with the regime and their counterparts in the Iraqi city of Najaf have said that a religious imitation of those mullahs who met with Ali Khamenei in his trip would not be required.

According to al-Arabiya TV on Monday, “Ali Khamenei’s recent visit to Qom has deepened divisions in the Qom religious seminary and Najaf in Iraq.”

Iran IraqThe Kuwaiti daily al-Sayassah underlined the destructive meddling of the Iranian regime in Iraq as well as the revelations about the terrorist acts of its proxies, and said, “The revelations about the Iranian regime’s destructive role in Iraq were not only the result of the WikiLeaks documents. They were based on a prevalent knowledge about the realities in Iraq.”