Iran: Mullahs’ official admits to extensive regime meddling in Iraq

The representative of the Iranian regime’s Supreme Leader at the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), mullah Saeedi, openly defended the clerical regime’s meddling in Iran and complained about the “prospect of Sunnis rising to power in Iraq.” He said the Iranian regime cannot remain silent in the face of such a prospect.

According to the state-run ILNA news agency on Thursday, mullah Saeedi told members of the paramilitary Bassij Force during a speech that, “We see how Saudi Arabia and Egypt are creating plots and seditions against the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

Saeedi added, “Our conflict with Saudi Arabia used to revolve around several issues. Previously it was about issues like Hezbollah and Palestine, but now the nuclear issue and Iraq have also caused points of divergence.”

He added, “Saudi Arabia, Egypt and Jordan have created an alliance on one issue and that is the rise to power of the Baathists [in Iraq]. They want Sunnis to become the dominant power in Iraq, a country where Shiites form the majority. Can we remain silent in such circumstances?”

“Today, Lebanon, Palestine and even Iraq are the frontlines for attacking Iran. It is imperative to defend these frontlines of the Islamic Republic of Iran and the revolution against the arrogant powers,” Saeedi added.

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