Iran: More news websites blocked

More websites that had long been tolerated by the regime will be blocked in near future, an official of the Ministry of Culture responsible for restricting access to media has declared.

The press deputy of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance (also known as Ershad) said the regime will block any news website that have not been registered.

The new wave of blocking of websites that could include thousands of websites comes few days after the Ministry’s Press Deputy declared that all online newspapers are now required to register with the Ministry.

Hossein Entezami said that all news and news sites “will now be responsible for providing the name and address of the owner, and its director” to the Ministry.

As currently only 229 website registered with the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance, it is expected that thousands more websites will be blocked in coming days.

Millions of websites are blocked in Iran. In 2013, a study found that a wide range of websites, including sites related to health, science, sports, news, and even shopping are blocked. Almost 50% of the top five-hundred visited websites in the world are blocked, including Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus.

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