Iran is diverting attention away from its crises with the world community to Ashraf

Al-Malaf Site, August 11, 2011 Majid Esmail, a parliamentarian from Iraqi Kurdistan’s Homeland Union, stated that he believes Tehran tries to put pressure on Camp Asraf in order to find a getaway from international pressures. In an interview with Al-Malaf Net, he stated, there are many pressures on Iran for its nuclear dossier and its policies in the region. And the Iranian regime tries to react to these pressures by interfering in the internal affairs of countries like Bahrain, Lebanon and Iraq, which is Iran’s victim.

 He said, Camp Ashraf has turned into a complicated subject and there are several solutions for it. It is essential that the United Nations take its responsibility regarding this matter.

One of the solutions, he pointed out, is to settle the residents of Ashraf in a third country. However, it is not acceptable to extradite them to Iran.

On the other hand, Esmail believes that Iran uses its pressures and attacks to Kurdistan’s borderline areas as leverage against the United States for its position vis-à-vis Syrian uprisings.

Iran shells these areas as a response to America for its pressures against the Syrian regime which suppresses its own people, he added.

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