IRAN: Intelligence ministry forces relatives to claim dissident committed suicide .

NCRI – The Iranian regime’s Intelligence Ministry is forcing relatives of a murdered dissident to claim that their loved one committed suicide, the sister of the student activist said.

Mr Keramatallah Za’reian, 27, a student activist, was murdered under torture by agents of the regime’s Ministry of Intelligence and Security (MOIS), his sister said in an interview. She added that the MOIS had forced her family to sign papers claiming that her brother had committed suicide.

The regime told Za’reian’s family “you will not receive his corpse unless you write down that he has committed suicide”. They received his body only after they wrote the false note.

Za’reian had been studying theatre directing at Tehran University.  Prior to his arrest in November, he had been detained three times for participating in the 2009 uprisings.

One month after the arrest, MOIS agents murdered Za’reian under torture and took his body to his residence in Tehran. They placed Za’reian’s corpse in the bathtub and left hot water running. Four days later, neighbors noting the water leaks and odor, contacted the fire department.   Za’reian’s body had been decomposed to an extent that it was difficult to identify or move, according to his sister.


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