Iran: Increasing cancer cases in Arak due to non-standard power plant

In an unprecedented confession, Majlis (parliament) member from the city of Arak said: “Due to the Shazand power plant, the residents of Arak are living 250 days a year under contaminated air conditions. As a result, a number of people in this city are suffering from cancer and 300 are in line for hospital treatment.”

The scope of the catastrophe is actually far worse. In the Shazand power plant, fuel- oil (C.F.O) is used instead of gas, while the plant’s filtering system, built for gas contamination, is not able to purify the pollution resulting from fuel- oil and contaminated gas is constantly spreading throughout the city.
The spread of cancer is while the people cannot afford the enormous expenses of medical treatment due to high unemployment and low incomes. For example, the main injection needed to treat this illness – which must be injected 9 to 17 times – costs 50 million rials (equal to around $4,100). This is more than a year’s income for an ordinary worker.
While Iran’s oil revenue in the past few years has been more than the country’s entire oil revenue, the country’s economy has plummeted and many infrastructures have been destroyed. On one hand, hundreds of millions of dollars of the Iranian people’s resources are being spent on ominous nuclear projects, exporting of terrorism and fundamentalism and expansion of suppressive organs, or are wired to the bank accounts of senior regime officials; and on the other hand, poverty, high prices and unemployment are on the rise every day and according to international analyses, inflation of commodities that are the people’s basic necessities has reached 110%.
Until the religious fascism is ruling in Iran, neither will the Iranian people see security, comfort and prosperity, nor will the region and the world see peace and tranquility, and the vast resources of this country will be put to use for slaughtering, suppression and warmongering in Iran and the world.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
January 14, 2013


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