Iran: IAEA delegation to meet with officials a day after explosion at Parchin

Ali Safavi of the National Council of Resistance of Iran in a 2005 Vienna press conference on Iranian regime’s clandestine nuclear activities at Parchin, published in Newsweek.

A delegation of experts from International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is due to meet with officials of the Iranian regime in Tehran on Tuesday over outstanding issues regarding the military dimension of the clerical regime’s nuclear program.

The visit by a delegation led by General Tero Varjoranta comes a month after the Iranian regime has failed to meet an August 25 deadline for providing information requested by the UN nuclear watchdog regarding the issue.

In Brussels, Federica Mogherini, the European Union’s commissioner-designate for foreign policy, said that if an agreement cannot be reached by November 24, “it will be extremely complicated to get one afterward.”

Last month, the head of the U.N. atomic agency urged the Iranian regime to provide answers about the works done on nuclear arms.

Yukiya Amano said the Iranian regime had implemented some measures in an agreement but they have been mostly in areas that have nothing to do with the weapons work.

With his probe of nuclear weapons work by the Iranian regime sputtering, Amano warned the Iranian regime last week to either cooperate or accept the prospect of a ruling based on incomplete information. He said the nuclear weapon probe “is not an endless process.”

In a September 5 report, the IAEA said that Tehran is failing to fully respond to questions about its nuclear program.

The visit also takes place a day after an explosion in an “explosive materials production unit” at Parchin military facility near the Iranian capital Tehran on Sunday evening left at least two people dead, according to state-run news agency ISNA.

ISNA quoting Defense Industry Organization, said: “Due to the incident, two workers of this production unit lost their lives,” without providing any details.

According to a number of Tehran residents the blast was so huge that it was heard several Kilometers away and windows of buildings kilometers away were shattered. According to these residents, the glare from the blast could also be seen from a great distance.

According to a number of residents tight security was imposed in the area near Parchin.

Parchin is a vast military testing complex 30 kilometers southeast of Tehran, covering 42 square kilometers.

The International Atomic Energy has been insisting on visiting a specific area of Parchin on the northern end of the complex since 2012. It was after the IAEA received evidence in 2011 that at least one building on that area of Parchin was the location of high explosive tests related to the development of nuclear

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