Iran Human Rights: 9 prisoners including two women hanged

NCRI – The Iranian regime’s henchmen hanged nine prisoners including two women in past two days in Karaj and Varamin cities.

According to the reports received from inside the regime, at-least five prisoners were hanged on Thursday in Gezel-hasar prison in city of Karaj. Also a woman and a man were hanged in Gohardasht prison in the same city. Two prisoners including a woman were hanged on Wednesday in Varamin.

Reports indicate that at-least 22 prisoners were transferred to Gohardasht prison on Wednesday to await their executions.

Also on Wednesday, two young Iranian men in their 20s were hanged in public in city of Hamadan allegedly for being ‘evil’, the regime’s judiciary declared in a statement.

The victims, identified as Vahid Q., 24 and Bahman Moussavi, 22, were hanged in Resalat district of Hamadan. State-run media published reports on public executions carried out in Hamadan while no report has been published on the executions carried out in Karaj and Varamin.
Violations of human rights in Iran has taken new dimensions since Hassan Rouhani has taken office as the president of the Iranian regime.

Under so-called ‘moderate’ Hassan Rouhani the country has faced highest number of executions in a year compared to any Iranian president for the past 25 years.

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