Iran: Hassan Rohani advisor says ‘we are in a minefield’

NCRI – In an interview with an official weekly, an adviser to Hassan Rouhani has described the current situation of the Iranian regime as being in a “minefield” waiting for next mine to explode.

Hessamoddine Ashna , Hassan Rouhani’s advisor and director of the Center for Strategic Studies of the Presidency, said in an interview published by the weekly Andicheh Pouya : “Because of the events during Mohmoud Ahmadinejad’s tenure , those who manage the country are now in a minefield. Some mines have been discovered, while others may explode at any time. “

Hessamoddine Achna said: ” The practice of Ahmadinejad’s government over the past eight years were similar in many respects to the practices Qajar dynasty [ruling dynasty in Iran from 1785 to 1925 ]. Under the previous government , the country’s affairs were managed centrally and most important decisions were taken in small circles.”

“As an example , giving away a large number of state subsidies was a mistake. Now we are stuck, we cannot continue to pay subsidies or remove abruptly,” he added.

Hassan Rohani’s advisor said that hand over of the management of large commercial and industrial companies in the country to state institutions [ linked to the regime’s Supreme Leader , Ali Khamenei ] has been a significant error of Ahmadinejad’s presidency .

He added that the denial of the Holocaust was another mistake by Ahmadinejad that has created enormous difficulty for the Iranian regime on the international scene

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