Iran has agreed to fund a new military base in Syria

Algazeera TV August 13, 2011: The London Daily Telegraph revealed that Iran has agreed to finance a new military base in Syria to facilitate transfer of weapons and military equipments between the two countries.

According to the agreement signed last month by Muhammad Nasif Kheirbeik, Syria’s deputy vice-president for security affairs, Iran will build new military complex in Lakatia (al-lazaqia) military airport. This base would allow Iran to send weapons to Syria via a direct route.

 In addition, Iran provides Damascus with equipments to combat the chaos and for computer censorship. This helps Syria to quell the unrest and the countriy’s oil export, Daily Telegraph added.

These efforts, however, have faced obstacles especially after Turkey objected to a number of Iranian arms shipments to Syria.

According to the newspaper some elements of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards will be  stationed at this military base to coordinate Iranian arms shipments with Syria’s intelligence service.

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