Iran (graphic images): Three prisoners hanged in public

Public hanging in Iran, Nov. 15, 2014

NCRI – The Iranian regime’s henchmen executed three prisoners in public on Saturday using a crane, pulley system and a specially adapted device for group executions.
The three men were hanged in the city of Bandar Abbas in southern Iran.

The identities of the three prisoners were not revealed and no specific information was provided about the crimes committed, their time of arrest or if they had been sentenced through any process within the clerical regime’s own laws.

The graphic images of the brutal public hangings were published in the local media in order to intimidate the public.

At least nine prisoners were hanged last week in Iran, including two political prisoners, as the execution rate soars under so-called ‘moderate’ Hassan Rouhani.

The political prisoners named as Vahid Shahbakhsh and Mahmoud Shahbakhsh were hanged in the main prison in the city of Zahedan, south-eastern Iran.

Vahid had been sentenced to three years imprisonment plus execution and was held in section 4 of the prison.

In a letter to UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Vahid Shahbakhsh had revealed the torture he had been subjected to.

Vahid’s letter that has surfaced on the Internet said: “I was at my home on May 22, 2014 when the members of Quds Force attacked my residents with rocket launchers and mortar shells. While I was severely injured with shrapnel in my body I was taken to a detention center and put under torture.”

Mahmoud, 26, had been sentenced to death and was being held in section 1 of the prison.

Further reports received from inside the regime said another prisoner named as Bahador Niroomand was hanged in the main prison in the city of Bandar-Abbas on the same day.

Three more prisoners named as Morteza Rostami, Hooshang Saki and Mohammad Gholampour were also hanged in Shahab prison in city of Kerman on November 13.

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