Iran: Glass Workers’ Furious Protesters Chanted: “We Can’t Afford Even a Piece of Bread”


NCRIFor the seventh consecutive day, in Central city of Qazvin Glass workers held a protest rally on Tuesday 8 November in the factory area and in front of its entrance.

According to Sobheqazvin state news agency (, the workers were protesting against not being paid for the past six months.


The furious workers in the gathering were shouting “the bread we eat is dipped in our blood.”

The workers said that “our insurance contracts have not been extended in the past five months. The insurance premium of about 283 of the Qazvin Glass contract workers has not been paid for at least six months and they have not received their severance pay from 2014, either.”

One of the Qazvin Glass workers said that his colleagues are asking for the realization of their overdue claims as well as the provision of job security. He added: “so far, no clear response to our demands has been given by the factory management.”

He stated that due to the irregular payment of the workers’ wages and their insurance premium, the household economic situation of about 320 full-time, part-time and contract workers in the factory have been deteriorated. “Now that we can’t afford even a piece of bread, we more than ever expect the officials to address our problems”, he added.

According to this worker, the wage arrears of the part-time and full-time workers have been seven and five months respectively. The employer, however, has paid out one month of the workers’ overdue wages following the intensification of the labor protests.”

He added that the wage arrears is by no means compatible with the hard work the workers are doing every day.

Another issue the workers are complaining about is that their health insurance is no longer valid since the employer has not paid the workers’ insurance premium to the social security on a regular basis,.

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