Iran: Execution of 26 prisoners

Holding public gallows across the country the clerical regime is seeking to intensify the atmosphere of fear and repression
On Thursday, December 27, the clerical regime in a criminal act and by creating a shocking scene in the “Mehrvarzi Park” hung five prisoners in Yasuj. Another prisoner was hanged in Semnan.
The announced executions by the Clerical regime during the past three weeks include:
One prisoner executed in Sari (Dec 25), seven prisoners were executed in the central prison of Isfahan (Dec 20), one executed in Kashan on Dec 17,   three prisoners executed in Orumieh on Dec 16,   one prisoner executed in Semnan on Dec 17 execution of three prisoners, including a citizen of Pakistan in the central prison of Zahedan Dec 8, and execution of four prisoners including a woman on Dec 3.

Important information about unannounced executions has not leaked out of the prisons yet and the aforementioned are those announced by the clerical regime. simultaneously the regime’s henchmen issued six execution orders in the city of Salmas.
On November10, Shouresh Aldo a 35 year old Kurdish political prisoner due to the deteriorating condition of the prison and the tortures he had suffered hung himself in Mahabad.
The clerical regime faced with increasing domestic and international crises, to keep this blood thirsty dictatorship in power and to prevent the spread of social protests in cities across the country is using executions to intimidate people.
The Iranian resistance calls on international bodies specially the High Commissioner for Human Rights, the Special Reporter on Human Rights in Iran, and the Special Reporter on arbitrary arrests, to take immediate steps to stop torture and executions in Iran.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
December 27, 2012

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