Iran election was an ‘obvious hoax’, former CIA director declares

NCRI – The Iranian regime has been branded a ‘terrorist organisation’ that is a danger not only to its own people but to the whole world by former US Congressman and former CIA director Porter Goss.

He also praised the role of the Iranian Resistance in trying to topple the regime in Tehran, describing their recent presidential election as an ‘obvious hoax’.

Mr Goss said in a speech in Paris: “The MEK (PMOI) is not a terrorist organization. I apologize it took so long to get the State Department to admit it.

“One of the things I also do know about terrorist organizations is there is one leading in Tehran right now: the Ayatollah and his cronies. I truly hope it does not take us this long to convince the White House and the State Department that they indeed are a terrorist organization.

“Tehran is dangerous not only to the Iranian people, it’s very dangerous to the whole world. We know that the presidential election you’ve just had in Iran was remarkable for one thing. It was a very obvious hoax.”

Mr Goss also praised the President-elect of the Iranian Resistance Maryam Rajavi’s ten-point plan for regime change in Iran.

He also noted a few points on the latest election masquerade in Iran. He told the audience: “The first one I would think would be the question of testing the new president. I would suggest that we pierce his smile, because I truly believe it is a disingenuous smile, and that we only go forward on verifiable words that he is able to give us. “

Mr Goss also hailed the Resistance for bringing the attention of the world to the plight of the Iranian people, adding: “You paid a very high price as I said. I acknowledge that with a heartfelt thanks. In the United States we’ve made promises. We’re honor bound to keep them.

“Regime change must come. It must come from within the community with the help of the international community. The Ayatollahs and the mullahs cannot ignore the force of the resurgence of the legitimate opposition. It’s not going to go away. It’s going to go onward to freedom and it’s going to go forward now.”

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