Iran: Critically-ill political prisoner chained to bed and denied visits

NCRI – An Iranian political prisoner who has suffered a heart attack has been chained to his bed and denied visits from his family at Tehran’s Day prison, according to reports from inside the regime.

Mashallah Hamid Haeri, 62, was arrested in December 2009 simply for having relatives in Camp Ashraf, Iraq, and was sentenced to 15 years.

His brother Abdollah Haeri was wounded in the missile attack on Camp Liberty on February 10, 2013.

Mr Haeri has had two heart attacks and suffers from acute respiratory problems due to the torture and the harsh prison conditions.

He was also taken to hospital in recent months following a bungled prescription, but was returned to prison without medical treatment.

Torturing prisoners to death by deprivation of treatment and killing them with toxic drugs is common practice in the regime’s prisons.

On January 5, Akbar Golipour, 40, died in Maragheh prison due to deprivation of medical care.

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