Iran could lose 78 percent of its plains due to water mismanagement

Nearly 78 percent of the Iranian plains are facing destruction due to sever fall in subterranean water resources capacity, says a senior official.

Deputy Energy Minister Rahim Meydani described the destruction of plains in the country as one of the main challenges the country is facing today.

He said: “The only way out is to reduce water consumption.”

According to the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization(FAO) the total annual water consumption in Iran is approximately 93 billion cubic meters.

About 92 percent the water is used in agriculture, 6.6 percent in municipality and 1.2 percent in industry.

Up to 70 percent of water used in the agriculture sector is being wasted, the Iranian regime’s officials say.

The country is facing a serious water shortage crisis. The regime’s officials have acknowledged that the current water shortage problem is a result of water resources mismanagement, rather than drought.

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