Iran: call to save inmates on death row

• Four young prisoners in Karoon prison in Ahvaz and some other prisoners in Ghezelhessar prison are on death row

The Iranian Resistance calls on all international authorities and human rights bodies, particularly High Commissioner for Human Rights and relevant rapporteurs, to take urgent action saving the lives of four youths from Shadgan city in Khuzestan province and some other inmates in Gohardasht prison who have been transferred to Ghezelhessar prison for execution.

On July13, the regime’s judiciary confirmed the execution order for four youths from Arab minority in Karoon prison. The prisoners are: Abdulreza Amir- Khanafareh, 24; Ghazi Abbasi, 31; Abdulamir Mojaddami, 33; and Shahab Abbasi, 27; for the fabricated charge of “Moharebeh (waging war on God) and Corrupt on Earth”. They have long been under torture for forcible confession. Yuness Amir- Khanafareh, father of Abdulraza Amir- Khanafereh , a retired teacher, was also tortured before the eyes of his son for months. After being released, he passed away as a result of tortures and harsh sufferings due to the arrest and torture of his son.

Meanwhile, some prisoners condemned to execution in Gohardasht prison have been transferred to Ghezelhessar prison. On Tuesday, 2 July, in a shocking crime, 21 prisoners, deprived form a minimum fair judicial procedure, were collectively hanged in this prison.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
July 19, 2013

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