Iran: Call to save 12 prisoners facing imminent execution

The Iranian resistance calls on all international human rights organizations for urgent action to save the lives of 12 prisoners on death row in Ghezel Hesar prison.

The transfer of these prisoners to solitary cells in recent days shows their execution is imminent. These prisoners, like all others who were sentenced to death, have been deprived of due process. One of them repeatedly denied in his few-minutes long show trial the allegations against him and falsified interrogations written by torturers about drug smuggling. But the mercenaries insist on his execution.

Last week the mullahs’ regime executed 14 prisoners within 5 days in Tabriz, Shiraz and Zahedan.

The ruling religious fascism in Iran, in its spiraling down, is resorting to increased suppression specially mass executions, in order to contain increasing popular protests and to highten the atmosphere of intimidation in the society.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
October 12, 2012


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