Iran: At least 62 executions in September

During recent days, seven prisoners were hanged in prisons of Shahr Kord, Zabol, Qom and Varamin amounting to 62 executions in Iran in September. Twenty-three of them were executed on September 18 (22 in Gohardasht and Evin prisons and 1 in Ghazvin). At least 38 more prisoners have been executed secretly bringing the number of executions in September to 100. Among those executed were a 17 year old juvenile and two teens at ages of 19 and 20 who were under 18 at the time of their alleged offence.


Other suppressive measures of the mullahs’ regime during recent days have been lashing in public of prisoners in Tabas and southern cities for charges of theft, issuing brutal verdict of eye gouging for a young man, arbitrary arrests, assassination of opponents, repression of women under the fabricated banner of “Ifaf Project” (chastity), raiding residential houses using excuses such as rounding up satellite equipments and etc.
Resorting to such unbridled savagery is indicative of clerical regime’s failure to restrain the crisis that has engulfed this wicked regime in its totality and has escalated its fear of public anger explosion.
Reiterating that the inaction and silence of world community has emboldened this regime to continue and intensify its crimes, the Iranian Resistance urges the UN Secretary-General, Security Council, UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and other UN bodies as well as human rights advocates to condemn brutal executions in Iran and to ask for urgent measures to stop the growing trend of execution of prisoners.

The only way to confront this savage regime is to adopt an international firm policy against it and to isolate it from international community.
Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
October 1, 2011

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