Iran: Ahmadinejad handed jobs to cronies before leaving office, new official accuses

NCRI – Former president of the Iranian regime, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad squandered public money giving government jobs to his cronies shortly before leaving office, an advisor to the new president has claimed.

Akbar Torkan accused Ahmadinejad of hypocrisy for protesting at Mohammed Khatami for also giving jobs to friends when he left office in 2005.

He told the state-run Tasnim News Agency: “At the time, Ahmadinejad who was replacing Khatami wrote him a letter asking him to stop new hirings, laying off government employees and to stop drafting new laws. “But after election in June, Ahmadinejad has been doing exactly the same thing.

“Ahmadinejad has been giving away the people’s money to his friends. Any plan for hiring should have been done with impartiality and abiding by the law.

“What has the government hired all these people in the last few days? What has been the logic behind this? No wise man could accept that the government hires this many employees in such a short time.

“I believe all those ratified by Ahmadinejad during the 45 days of the transition period must now be reviewed.”

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