Iran: 40 executions including two women within 18 days

NCRI – The Iranian regime’s henchmen continue to set up gallows in cities across the country.

On April 28, two inmates were hanged in Khorein prison in city of Varamin. Khorein is a death camp similar to infamous Kahrizak.

On the same day, 28-year-old prisoner Hamid Khoshnam was hanged in Zahedan.

Four prisoners were hanged in city of Kerman on April 27.

Two young man were hanged in the central prison of city of Mashhad on April 24.

Four other prisoners, including two women were executed in Dizelabad prison in Kermanshah on April 22.

Two young Afghan citizens were hanged in central prison of Mashhad on April 21.

On Saturday April 20, a number of prisoners were hanged secretly in groups in a prison in city of Birjand. Ali Arang, 31, was among those hanged. There is no other information available on the number of prisoners and their identities.

On April 17, a prisoner was hanged in Gohardasht prison in Karaj.

Therefore, in the 18 days period of April 10-28, 40 prisoners, including two women, have been hanged. while the information on a high number of prisoners is never leaked out.
Furthermore, the Iranian regime continues to issue death sentences. On April 28, three inmates were sentenced to death in the city of Khomein.

In a heinous and inhumane act, three inmates accused of robbery and drug related charges were paraded in the main streets of the city of Mehran in Kermanshah province.
The intensifying suppression and increase in death penalty is being carried out in order to heighten the atmosphere of intimidation in the society.

However the move is an indication of the regime’s fear of popular protests on the eve of sham elections particularly as the regime’s leaders infighting has intensified to an unprecedented level.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
April 29, 2013

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