Iran: 30 prisoners at Ghezel Hessar awaiting execution in solitary confinement

NCRI – Guards at Iran’s largest prison have transferred 30 men into solitary confinement to await execution, reports revealed today.

The inmates will be held in isolation until the death sentences are carried out at the Ghezel Hessar prison, which has been the scene of recent prisoner protests at group executions.

One inmate named as Pooya is said to be been restrained and re-located after protesting to officials about the latest round of state-sponsored killing, while others who demonstrated were moved into solitary confinement.

Ghezel Hessar is one of the biggest prisons in the Middle East, with around 22,000 inmates, and has been likened to a concentration camp where prisoners are denied even the most basic sanitary and medical services. Massive over-crowding also means many sleep in hallways, bathrooms, toilets and staircases.

Drugs are sold by mafia-like gangs inside the prison who work for prison authorities, and prisoners who protest against the squalid conditions have been murdered by these gangs.

The Iranian Resistance has called on international authorities and human rights organizations to refer the Iranian regime human rights dossier to the UN Security Council and to try its criminal leaders before international tribunals for crimes committed.

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