Iran: 15 prisoners hanged in Zahedan – reports

NCRI – The Iranian regime henchmen hanged at least 15 prisoners on Saturday in the central prison in the city of Zahedan southeastern Iran.
According to the reports the victims include Hamzeh Gamsha-Zehi, 30; Shah Mohammad Barahoui, 33; Basser Barsang, 38; and Hossein soofi 25 years old.

The Iranian regime’s judiciary has not made a public acknowledgement to these execution.
Since the beginning of 2013 until October 10, the International Day against Death Penalty, 471 executions of prisoners by mullahs’ regime henchmen have been registered with 231, including execution of 10 women, carried out since the sham June 14 Presidential election. This is while information on many executions never leaks out of prisons. Some victims were youth of below 18 at the time of committing their alleged crimes. By decree of judicial henchmen, some of those executed received dozens of lashes hours prior to their executions.

Concurrent with arbitrary executions, medieval punishments such as hand amputations, blinding and cutting off the ear complements the cycle of atrocity and terror in mullahs’ regime. Six verdicts of hand amputation in Shiraz, four sentences of stoning, including that of two women in Tabriz, and a decree to gouge out the eye and cut off the ear of an imprisoned laborer in Tehran, is another example of the atrocity of henchmen ruling Iran.

On Thursady, Mrs. Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the Iranian Resistance, reiterated on the need to refere the dossier of systematic and barbaric violation of human rights in Iran to the UN Security Council.

She said: The heightening trend of executions in Iran demonstrates that claims of moderation of the religious fascism ruling Iran has no aim but to deceive the international community or to justify trade and policy of appeasement towards the regime.

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