Iran: 10 executions in 5 days

In a group execution, the Iranian regime put to death 4 prisoners in Kerman (south-central Iran) on Friday, February 18. In Sanandaj (western Iran), two prisoners were hanged on February 15, and 2 other prisoners in Khoram-Abad (western Iran) and 2 more in Sari (northern Iran) were hanged on February 14.

In the past five days, after the Iranian people’s uprising that erupted on February 14, the number of executions announced has reached 10. This is while the regime’s judicial officials admit that secret executions are carried out in the regime’s prisons.

The hangings that are taking place in various cities throughout the country reveal the Iranian regime’s fear of people’s uprising. These are vain attempts to prevent spread of protests to overthrow the entire regime and establishment of democracy and popular rule in Iran.
Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
February 19, 2011

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