interview with Dowlat Nowroozi representative of the National Council of Resistance of Iran

Sky News 02 December 2011
European Foreign ministers have extended sanctions against Iran a day after Britain ordered out its remaining diplomatic staff in London. British embassy in Tehran has been closed after demonstrators broke in. And Iran is defying international calls to halt its nuclear program. Let us now go to Dowlat Nowroozi who is UK representative of the National Council of Resistance of Iran. Dowlat thank you for joining us here on Sky News this afternoon. How do you see this tense situation developing. Dowlat Nowroozi: Well it is obvious that the Iranian regime has actually taken steps that clearly breached international law. They have really crossed many red lines. And they have entered a new phase in terms of their defiance toward the international community in trying to obtain nuclear capability and particularly the nuclear bomb. It is so essential to understand that the mullahs would not back down from their ambitions to acquire nuclear capability to impose hegemony over the Middle East region as well as try to actually survive their faltering, tottering regime.  It is very much needed at this stage for the world community to show decisiveness and to take practical measures to stop this regime. The nightmare would be for them to really obtain the nuclear bomb they have been working for over 18 years. And they kept their nuclear program in total secret. So what needs to be done in actually imposing comprehensive sanctions immediately, particularly in terms of oil and gas and to dry up the financial resources of this regime that has been pondering Iranian people’s national wealth and revenue to finance their terror network throughout the region and particularly their secret nuclear weapons program in order to prolong their faltering government to stay in power.

Presenter: But with countries like US, the continent of Europe and indeed China, now weighing in as well, now does that give you some hope that although Iran is flexing its muscles that little more will happen?

Dowlat Nowroozi: Definitely, if I want to give a clear view of the regime’s intent and nature, even though the measures and the steps taken now are very strongly welcomed by the Iranian resistance in terms of a change in the attitude and approach of these governments, but still we think it is essential to understand that the regime would not change neither its behaviour, because it just doesn’t have either the capacity or the intention of really changing any of their policies so far as domestic suppression is concerned and specially against the major opposition particularly in Camp Ashraf in Iraq as well as their export of terrorism which we have seen signs of it in the US territory against the Saudi officials and that would definitely go on if the world community is not taking a prompt decisive action against this regime and particularly as we all had seen in the recent report by the International Atomic Energy Agency which clearly demonstrates the regime’s military aspect of using nuclear power and nuclear capability. So I think it is too many alarming signs and the world needs promptly to take into action, isolation of this regime as well as imposing comprehensive sanctions. It is actually a two prone policy and it needs to be coupled their support for the genuine opposition movement to bring about a regime change for an essential democratic institution and government in Iran that respects the rule of law, human rights women’s rights as well as the foundations of democracy.
Presenter: Ok we must leave it there thank you Dowlat for joining us. Thank you thank you.

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