International outrage over televised “confession” of woman sentenced to stoning in Iran

The Iranian regime’s appalling TV broadcast this week of a forced confession of a woman sentenced to be stoned has provoked international outrage. Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani has been sentenced to death by stoning by the regime.

The prominent rights group Amnesty International protested the measure in a statement on August 12. “This so-called confession forms part of growing catalogue of other forced confessions and self-incriminating statements made by many detainees in the past year.”

“This latest video shows nothing more than the lack of evidence against Sakineh Ashtiani,” Amnesty said, adding, “Unconfirmed reports that Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani has recently been tortured or ill-treated while in Tabriz Central Prison underscores Amnesty International’s concern.”

The British government also issued a strongly-worded rebuke. The country’s foreign ministry spokeswoman said the government is “appalled” by the televised confession and “deeply concerned by her lawyer’s claim that the confession was a result of torture,” according to AFP.

The British foreign ministry called on the Iranian regime to comply with its human rights obligations.

The German foreign ministry also described stoning as an “inhumane” method of execution which violates human rights, adding that Germany “vehemently denounces” it. A ministry spokesman said suspending the stoning of Ashtiani is not enough and that the decision should be overturned.


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