International community must make Iraqi government stop blockade of Ashraf, dispatch aid convoys to save the wounded

Statement by the Iraqi National Movement – April 26, 2011

The Iraqi National Movement called on the International community to make the Iraqi government cancel the anti-human blockade of Camp Ashraf’s wounded residents.

News agencies and international human rights organizations report the calls for assistance to more than 300 wounded residents at Ashraf, who were shot in early April during the attack by the Iraqi government’s military forces. Due to the ruthless blockade of Camp Ashraf and preventing physicians from entering the camp for treating the residents, the wounded are losing their lives.

The Iraqi National Movement considers such criminal behavior to be outside the human, religious, and international laws, and views such actions a proof for the savagery of those perpetrating such actions.

Those who commit such crimes can be subject to international legal pursuit, since there is no law or regime in the world that even in the most severe conflicts, blocks treatment of the wounded. So, why is it then that such actions are allowed to happen to unarmed and blockaded humans?

We call on the international community to take a humane position and make the (Iraqi) government to lift the anti-human blockade of Ashraf, immediately dispatch convoys to assist and provide human necessities of Ashraf residents, making the government to withdraw its forces from Camp Ashraf and stop disturbing them.

Non-governmental organizations should act in accordance to their humane duties and start aid convoys to save the residents of the camp.

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