Intensification of siege and new conspiracies by Iraqi government; setting the stage for a greater massacre

Camp Ashraf military occupation- No. 167

Confronting international community’s efforts to find a peaceful and durable solution for Ashraf, the Government of Iraq increases its pressures and conspiracies against Ashraf residents. By such suppressive measures and upon orders of the Iranian regime, Nouri al-Maliki is planning and preparing for a massacre in a larger scale through a fabricated and unlawful deadline for closure of Ashraf by the end of 2011.
1. Based on information received from Iran,  on November 23, the Committee tasked with suppression of Ashraf sent a number of mullahs’ regime’s intelligence agents to the military operation headquarters of Diyala province to give consultation to this headquarters for designing operation of attack on Ashraf.

Iannounced that there are no weapons in Ashraf. In order to justify future crimes of Iraqi forces in Ashraf, they repeated already exposed repetitive lies of mullahs’ intelligence and said that the Ashraf residents hold weapons and plan to shoot at Iraqi forces. These lies are said despite the fact that the U.S. forces have declared explicitly time and again that the Ashraf residents have delivered all their weapons and the Iraqi forces searched every inch of Ashraf on 18, 19, and 20 April 2009 with Police Dogs and

2. According to another report, the mullahs’ intelligence (MOIS) and the Quds Force have asked Diyala Operation headquarters to have a number of intelligence agents fly over Ashraf by helicopter to identify ‘sensitive locations’ for targeting them in the next attack and also for spreading leaflets over those buildings.
3. The MOIS agents who have been torturing the residents psychologically for the past 22 months changed their arrangements outside the Camp’s main gate (Lions Gate) yesterday. They also renovated the loudspeakers and their equipment at the east side of Ashraf, where is opposite to the residential buildings, particularly where the women live.
4. Although for the past three days, the earsplitting and horrible noise of 300 loudspeakers have been cut due to international pressures and at the request of UN, yet the loudspeakers and other equipment as well as the agents of MOIS and the terrorist Quds Force who have been brought close to Ashraf under the guise of the Ashraf residents’ families are still there. They continue screaming obscenities every day and are renovating the signs, placards and banners and also amplifiers for the loudspeakers to have them ready to be used again.
5. Captain Ahmad Khozair, an Iraqi suppressive agent, told the residents last week that on the orders of Ashraf suppression committee entry of items other than food will not be allowed into the camp any more. This means that entry of even very fundamental necessities of the residents such as clothing, stationary, matches, and fuel are banned.
6. Since 31 October 2011, on the orders of suppression committee, the Iraqi forces have officially refrained from transferring the patients in need of surgery or emergency treatment to the hospitals in Baghdad and Baquba. Currently, there are at least 12 serious patients who need immediate surgery and urgent treatment.

These patients suffer from heart attack, cancer, eye cataract, arthritic rheumatoid, destruction of hip joint, spondylolisthesis  of  lumbar spine, fracture of hip joint, MS, compound fracture of the arm due to bullet shot during April 8th attack, and retinal detachment. All these patients are in dangerous conditions suffering from severe pain. They will face irrecoverable losses if their treatment is delayed.

7- Iraqi forces continue to obstruct entry of any kind of fuel. Since ten months ago, entry of gasoline has been totally banned. In recent months, entry of Diesel fuel, kerosene, and even charcoal and wood logs is obstructed. Currently, usage of vehicles for transferring goods inside the camp, usage of heating and cooking appliances, and using generators is faced with tremendous problems and has paralyzed a considerable part of daily life in Ashraf.

8- Iraqi forces continue to keep the body of Ms. Zahra Mehr-Sefat who passed away 70 days ago preventing residents from conducting her funeral services. They are using this inhumane and anti-Islamic measure to increase the pressures on the residents, especially her family members.

Iranian Resistance calls on the Secretary-General and the UNSG Special Representative for Iraq as well as the U.S. government not to be silent vis-à-vis these shameful conspiracies and criminal siege and antihuman restrictions and condemn them, and also take necessary steps to have the UN Blue-Helmets assume protection responsibility of Ashraf until all residents of Ashraf have been transferred to third countries.

Secretariat of the National Council of Resistance of Iran
November 29, 2011

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