Intense standoff between Iranian regime and nationalist forces in Iraq

There is an intense and serious conflict that is unraveling in Iraq between democracy and tyranny, a Saudi news agency said in a report analyzing the current political climate in the country.

According to Elaph, the battle lines have been drawn between an Iraqi nationalistic front and one which primarily represents the interests of the clerical regime in neighboring Iran.

Referring to the outcome of the March parliamentary elections in Iraq, Elaph said, “Everyone can now witness a five-month-long standoff between the Iranian regime’s alternative on the one hand and the national Iraqi alternative on the other. Elections took place, but what was the result? What happened to the formation of a new government? There is an intense and serious war between democracy and tyranny, between progressive Iraqi forces and the Iranian regime and its handful of surrogates in Iraq.”

Elaph also disparaged remarks made by a member of the Iraqi Prime Minister’s Dawa party, who had said Nouri al-Maliki would only consider stepping down in exchange for promises that there will be no prosecutions against him. At the same time, the spokesman claimed that all the actions of the Iraqi government were legal.

“We have fully witnessed the so-called legal actions of this government throughout these years,” Elaph said sarcastically. “This is especially true with regards to its ‘legal’ actions in Camp Ashraf on July 28 and 29, 2009, which left 11 dead, 130 maimed, 370 seriously injured and 1,000 wounded,” the news agency added referring to the Iraqi forces’ attack against Camp Ashraf, where about 3,400 members of the main Iranian opposition reside.

“How can this brutal raid, which constituted a war crime and crimes against humanity, be thought of as a ‘legal action’ by Maliki and his cohorts while the rest of the world view it as a barbaric and cruel crime which brought shame to those who committed it? And never mind the financial losses imposed by the ‘state of law’ and the theft that it committed [during the attack on Ashraf].”

Elaph added, “The case [of the July 2009 attack against Ashraf] is now being investigated by a Spanish tribunal. Moreover, the unjust year-and-a-half-long siege laid on the camp, including the presence of the Iranian regime’s intelligence operatives at the camp’s entrance with the ‘fully legal’ and complete cooperation [of the Iraqi government], who for the past seven months have used 34 loudspeakers on a 24 hour basis to torture the unarmed and besieged residents, offers an example of crimes against humanity.”

Elaph also mentioned the Iranian regime’s meddling in Iraq and highlighted Tehran’s domestic and foreign crises as well as its ambitions for Iraq. The news agency concluded, “The standoff between the two mentioned forces in Iraq will end with the triumph of nationalistic front.”

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