Intense clashes at Iranian prison

Prisoners at Gohardasht Prison in Karaj resisted against an attack by the regime’s guards on Thursday, according to obtained reports, forcing the guards to flee and taking control of Hall 1 of Ward 1 temporarily.


The incident started when at around 21:00 local time on Thursday, a prisoner identified as Majid Mirsadeqi, 26, requested to be transferred to the prison clinic due to illness and worsening physical condition, but the regime’s guards reacted by beating him and trying to transfer him to solitary confinement. One of the guards, Mirza Aqai, attacked him with an electric baton. The young prisoner defended himself against the attack despite his pains.

When other prisoners at Ward 1 decided to defend Mr. Mirsadeqi, intense and widespread clashes broke out, which lasted for some time, as the prisoners forced the guards to flee and shut the ward gate, giving them control of the entire ward.

The regime’s prison agents decide to negotiate with the prisoners and promised to fulfill the prisoners’ requests, including the transfer of Mirsadeqi to the clinic. But later Mirsadeqi was beaten again violently in front of other prisoners. He was also transferred to Ward 1 solitary confinement – referred to as the “dog house” – where his screams under torture could be heard.

The situation at Gohardasht Prison’s Ward 1 has been reported to be tense. The temporary take over of the ward comes after several failed attempts in the past.

It has been reported that Mirsadeqi was tortured by the regime’s agents, Mirza Aqai, Moradi and Bayat.

Mirza Aqai is a well-known torturer at Ward 1. He has been involved in the torture, rape and beating of dozens of prisoners, including Bahram Tasviri and Mohsen Bikdeli.

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