Institute for Arab Studies and Research: Stationing of a permanent UN observer team at Camp Ashraf is an international necessity

More than a month after the April 8, 2011 incident, the Iraqi forces and their armored vehicles continue to occupy one third of Camp Ashraf. Restrictions on medical treatment Imposed by the Iraqi officials continue.

Additionally, calls by the United Nations, the Congress of the United States, and the European Parliament for an independent, transparent and thorough investigation have been ignored.

We, at the Institute for Arab Studies and Research, support the European initiative for a reasonable, peaceful and lasting solution for Ashraf and call for immediate action for realization of the plan presented by the European Parliament which is a practical and guaranteed option for the future of all residents of Camp Ashraf. Considering that Ashraf residents have the status of Protected Persons under the Fourth Geneva Convention, guaranteeing their safety is an international necessity.

We ask the UN, the American Government, and the European Union to pressure Iraq to withdraw its forces from Camp Ashraf, allow the wounded to be treated, end Ashraf’s ban and blockade of necessary medical services, energy and water, and dismantle hundreds of loudspeakers that are used to psychologically torture Ashraf residents, day and night, through threats and propaganda.

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